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Himalayan Incense Boxset (004-006)

Petite Match-head

$ 52

Basic Info

Label: Boundless

Ingredients: Naturally mixed and adhered

pure herbs. Free of artificial fragrances and

animal products.

Spec: D87mm×H62mm×W73mm

Included in the boxset are three different boxes of incense (20 sticks each, 60 sticks of match incense in total), and a specifically designed

heat-resistant incense mat.

Burning duration: approximately 15 minutes.


Once burnt, the tip of the match may release a natural, harmless smell of its own. In about two minutes’ time, as the tip is burnt completely, the smell is replaced by the aroma of the incense. The pure and natural ingredients and making process renders the sticks particularly delicate, therefore please treat and use the incense gently at all time.

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