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Blessings from the Himalayas.

Boundless are scents from the Himalayas. Inheriting centuries-old herbal recipes from the snow-capped mountain ranges, all of our scents are made from plant-based ingredients that recreate the natural beauty and peaceful vibes of the Himalayas.

Herbal Scents From the Himalayas


Pure botanicals from the mountains. No essential oils, animal products or chemical additives.

A Gift and a Blessing


Century-old recipes from the snow peaked mountains. We wish to illuminate your hearts with the essence of the mountains.


Inheriting the century-old tradition of handcrafted Himalayan incense to inspire a lifestyle of wellness, these natural botanical fragrances help to realize self-healing, integrate the body and soul with nature and relief anxiety and stress from the fast-paced contemporary urban lifestyle. Each incense is endowed with blessings from the Himalayan mountains, making it an ideal gift for loved ones.


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